Ice Hockey Academy of Austin is a school for hockey players in grades 4-8 who would benefit from attending a full-day school while also training for their sport during off-peak ice times.

Hockey co coaching

* 6 hours of on-ice hockey practice weekly with professional coaches

* 5 hours of off-ice conditioning weekly with professional coaches

* 4 hours per day of personalized online instruction with certified teachers

* character building, teamwork, healthy habits, and nutrition education throughout

* a full 8 hour school day!



Young hockey players who are working to become highly skilled in their sport often miss out on prime ice time because they are attending school. Some parents homeschool their children in order to have the flexibility of bringing their student to the ice during those off-peak times. In order to do that, families need to have schedules that allow them to be home with their children in order to teach them and drive them to hockey practice. Our school offers the logistical benefits of a full-day school along with an opportunity for individual or small group ice time.

Each day, students will complete online classwork, participate in traditional school activities such as book clubs, real-world problem solving, and science experiments, and practice their sport with a highly trained certified coach. Nutrition, healthy habits, character development, and team building will be at the core of all education that students receive at the Ice Hockey Academy.


Students will enroll in a Texas accredited highly ranked online school and receive their core instruction from certified teachers in a virtual environment. The highly qualified Learning Facilitator will be in the classroom to assist students and provide offline learning.

Research shows that critical 21st century job skills include

  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving

We offer the flexibility of individualized online learning combined with peer interactions that promote these important skills.


Coaches with extensive professional hockey experience will offer a fun and energetic environment dedicated to individual improvement. On ice and off ice training will be provided daily for skill and gameplay development.


Facility and Location

Currently located in North Austin at Chaparral Ice, serving Austin and the surrounding areas, with future plans that include the new iSports facility in Cedar Park. This will allow access to more ice and the opportunity to expand the athletic options. This central Texas location will be accessible to families in many school districts, including Austin, Leander Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Round Rock, and Georgetown.